Monday, 16 February 2009

For Sale: House from Withnail and I

Sleddale Hall, the derelict Cumbrian cottage where Marlow and Withnail went on holiday "by accident" has been put up for sale by current owners United Utilities. It's going under the hammer with Savills today.

The film is a cultish quirk of the British movie scene, circa late '80s. It's crammed with quotable lines and, for me at least, stands accountable for some extremely irresponsible drinking games fun.

On the very slim off chance that one of my mates is rich enough to buy Monty's den, and yet has concealed said monetary solvency from me thus far, I'd be forced to declare "that represents a level of hypocrisy in you that I'd previously suspected, but not noticed due to your highly evasive skills."

Bring back any memories? Reminisce some more by watching the Withnail trailer on You Tube here.