Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Watchmen - Wasn't That My Idea?

Hmmm, should I bother going to see Watchmen? Reactions are mixed, eh? I kind of like the whole idea of it, the who watches the watchers premise, but then again I haven't read the comic because a)I'm not a boy and b) I am an adult. A grown woman cannot walk alone into Forbidden Planet and buy a comic book. Well, not without massive embarrassment. It's just too silly!

I still want to see the film, mostly because it's been so hyped (thank you Empire) but also because I thought the whole thing was my idea. It sounds very similar to a movie idea I once scribbled down in my notebook. I guess I'm just not a very original thinker. Or maybe it's just one of those universal themes. Heroes the TV show (God, isn't that getting boring now - but I digress) doesn't seem a million miles away does it?

I think I probably know I'm not gonna catch Watchmen. At least not at the cinema, it's just too expensive. Until someone starts paying me to watch films - no sign of that particular dream benefactor - I'm stuck waiting for the dvd. Or the TV premiere. Most of the time I just read about films and imagine I've watched them. Sometimes it's better than the real thing!

Watchmen Poster: Warner Bros.