Monday, 5 July 2010

Half Watched Film Reviews

Children of Men

(The review of thursday's recommendation)

Well, I watched Children of Men, as I said I would, but I don't get it? It was OK, but hardly the masterpiece we'd been led to believe. I'm putting all those good reviews down to director Alfonso Cuaron effectively straddling the gaping chasm between art-house and popular film. Maybe he's the darling of the critics 'cause he got them free passes to watch him making Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Yeah, that makes sense. They owed him good reviews! I'd have probably felt more inclined to kindness myself if I'd been invited onto the set of a Potter movie.   

Michael Caine was fab in it (I have such a soft spot for him), but it was barely more than a cameo.  As for the narrative, I thought it was barmy. Kinda like 28 Days Later but with infertility instead of Rage. Did I miss something important? My digibox recorder failed, so I did miss the very beginning of the film. It automatically rescheduled for a repeat, but after watching to the end, and knowing how it all turned out, I just cancelled it. I don't think I can sit through it again anyway!

Tell No One

Now, on the other hand, Saturday night I stumbled across a totally brilliant film on BBC4 - Tell No One. Again, I'd missed the start, but being as no-one in it seemed to know what was going on anyway it really didn't seem to matter. I do love a film you can barge into halfway through and remain, gripped, to the end. This one I think I will go back and watch again on the iplayer. Just so I can work out how it all started.  Then I might do a proper review. I think, in this case, it might be worth the effort.

So, a nice surprise there after thursday's disappointment.