Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Inception (and Films You Wouldn't Pay to See)

Whoa, Inception looks so good. I wanna see it! How do I get the trailer on here???? Hmmm. Gonna have to ask you to just click on the words... Inception Trailer. Has that worked? Good. Cool.....

Gotta love that Christopher Nolan. The man's a genius. But then, wasn't that fella M. Night Shyamalan widely hailed as such too. Doesn't seem that long ago... and yet one false move and it's straight down the slippery snake and back to square one. Shyamalan's biggest stinker, Lady in the Water, is on tonight. I'm picking it as tonight's one to watch, even though it quite justly joins the ranks of films you wouldn't pay to see.

Lady in the Water garnered such terrible reviews, it's managed to achieve a morbid curiosity factor. Can it really be that bad? Seriously, for man who made The Sixth Sense to have dropped out of favour so spectacularly, it's got to be a howler. (A howler I personally can't wait to see, as long as I don't have to part with any money!)

Inception is released nationwide on 16th July
Lady in the Water is on BBC1 at 11.25 pm tonight