Monday, 2 March 2009

In Bruges

I have just watched In Bruges. What a film! I'm writing a review for another site, which I'll link in to (Here it is - In Bruges Review) as soon as it's gone live, but for the time being I had to just share a couple of general observations. The first is about the magnificent acting beast that is Mr Colin Farrell. Now I know that many, many people find Farrell an attractive man, although I've never been too keen myself. But honestly, that fella has truly got something. Charisma....screen presence.... call it what you will, Farrell has it in buckets.
This is nothing new, of course, he had it in Tigerland too, and that cameo he did on the TV show Scrubs. Not so much in the anachronistic nightmare Phone Booth, but there you go. Not every film suits his laconic charms. Anyway, the other thing I noticed about In Bruges, which I just can't shake from my mind, came from watching the dvd deleted scenes. There was a flashback to the young nutter Harry, which explained why Ken felt so indebted to him. It was a pretty gruesome scene, wisely cut from the final edit. Not for being too gruesome, understand, but because it was un-necessary to have the characters past history spelled out for us. But in that deleted scene, who should be playing the young Harry. Only bloody Matt Smith. The new Doctor Who! He was pretty good in it as well. Perhaps he won't be the worst Doctor Who ever. Perhaps I need no longer lie awake at night cursing David Tennant for leaving the best programme on the telly in the hands of a young whippersnapper. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps it will all work out OK.

Picture: Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleason in In Bruges, Blueprint Pictures