Monday, 28 June 2010

Hello pips! Long time no see!!!

Howdy doody guys. Yep, Movienoodle is back from the (almost) dead. Revived by the power of semi-decent films combined with some ace telly - for which read marathon sessions of 24 and repeats of Wonders of the Solar System. Plus the world cup of course, but less said about that the better.

Ahh, Brian. You god of physics and floppy fringes. I even bought Sunshine, just because you were the science advisor bloke on it. Well...... that and 'cause Cillian Murphy's got such nice eyes. But being as he was only really playing you, it kind of serves as a double whammy for all us geeky sci-fi/movie/physics nerds. Quickly moving on....

The old health-o-meter is finally ticking over quite nicely again, and being as I've no intention of starting a new blog about illnesses and icky stuff, no more will be said 'bout it here. Movienoodle's just here for the beer, oops, I mean films.

New stuff for Movienoodle

As I've had some time to think, I'm going to be attempting to implement a few changes now. (Though, really, this is just a note to self as I don't suppose too many of you have stuck around this wasteland of a blog for long). I did originally start movienoodle with a view to importing old articles I'd written for sites such as Suite101 and Helium across here. But I've since found out that splitting and scattering readers like that is not a good thing to do. So, instead, I'm just gonna link to those articles whenever it's appropriate.

Otherwise, this blog will mostly just be for mouthing off about stuff. Oh yeah, and for recommending films too. I thought it was about time I started pushing the good stuff. Picking films of the week, exciting movies to look out for, and all that sort of malarkey. Should be good for twittering too. Is that the modern parlance? Get me! I'm so down with the kids. So, as the Chemical Brothers say, here we go...

Films of the Day

We'll start with terrestrial TV film choices for today - Monday 28th June, 2010. There's Anvil! The Story of Anvil at 10pm. Internal Affairs (the one with Richard Gere) is on Film4 at 1.20 am (Tho' I'm confused about that one. It might be actually Infernal Affairs that I want to recommend. Can't remember which one is the good one!) And finally, French New Wave aficionados might be interested in guffawing behind their cravats at the abysmal remake of A bout de souffle. The 1983 version of Breathless (with that man Gere again, must be his night) is on at 9.00pm on TCM. Should be good for a laugh.