Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Films of the Day

Ok, so Anvil (last night's recommendation) wasn't quite as expected. Felt very sorry for those aging rocker fellas, but couldn't get Steve Coogan's Saxondale out of my mind long enough to concentrate. That, and the strange but true fact that Anvil's director Sacha Gervasi is the father of one Bluebell Madonna, Geri Halliwell's child. I mean, that's neither here nor there, but the way these little asides kept drifting into my consciousness rather distracted from the film.

Tonight's film pick is Love the Beast. The documentary Eric Bana made about his beloved Ford Falcon car. I'm not so sure about Eric Bana. I've always thought of him as the thinking woman's Jim Cavieziel. Which isn't much of a compliment, especially considering the abysmal Prisoner remake. But I digress, when Eric was on Top Gear I rather warmed to him. And as Jezza puts in a guest appearance in Love the Beast too, it might be quite entertaining.

Love the Beast is on More4 at 10pm